Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"success at trial"

My last email from the Marquette prosecutor.
Sorry I didn't get back with you sooner-have been in-court and out of the office.  In my review of the documents you sent, it didn't appear to me that the case was any stronger than when we denied it originally and in fact had weakened considerably with the passage of time.  I did provide the information you passed on to me.  The standard we must meet in authorizing a charge is the ability to prove the case at trial.  Given the complex nature of your relationship with Mr.*****, I think the Jury would have issues returning a guilty verdict, even though a guilty verdict may be the right outcome.  We do often charge cases where the victim and/or the defendant are outside of the area.  You should understand that you may have a civil action against Mr. ***** and since the standard of proof in such a case is lower than in a criminal case, your likelihood of success is higher.
I know it is disappointing to hear that the case will not be proceeding.  Understand that this is not a reflection of your veracity or a denial of what you experienced, but rather, a determination as to the likelihood of success at trial."
Success at trial.
I'm not finished.
This is not the end, I will find a way.  
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