Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I am here

I am here.

The place it all happened.

I'm ok. It's scary. But I'm ok.

It's hard because I'm constantly looking over my shoulder seeing if you're there. I walk by places, a memory flashes through my mind of what happened there, something you said to me. Not always bad, not always good.

Going in to public places I'm searching, surveying every moment.  I don't want to go out alone,
Every time I enter somewhere new I keep my hand near my pepper spray. It's silly. Does it make me feel safer?
I'm less afraid of you hurting me.

More afraid of seeing you.

Seeing your family, your friends, people who know you.

Who know me.

Do they remember me.

Do they remember what you did to me.

I am here.

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