Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Big decision

This was a long and hard process to decide but I have decided I want to go back to my college. Jan 12 2015 I will start my first day *again* at Northern Michigan University. I like my job as a cosmetologist, but it was never what I dreamed of, I dreamed of earning a college degree. I feel like there is so much more to me, then just wanting to cut hair for the rest of my life. I finally feel strong enough to go back and finish what I have started. Right now I am hoping to be able to get a degree to hopefully work in a women's shelter to help battered woman and children. I'm not sure about a minor yet but I do have my theatre classes under my belt (because I was originally a theater major, I love theatre, but don't really see job opportunities in it unless I was a professional performer.) so I am considering that as a minor. I am a little nervous to go back but very excited. I get to go follow my dreams again, wish me luck :)

Remember how far you have come!


  1. Good for you!! That is awesome and really inspiring. :) I just want to tell you thank you for sharing your stories and showing your support. I've decided to shut down my blog (maybe just for now) for potential job purposes. Thank you for the positive feedback and I wish you the best in all you do! :)

  2. thank you Olivia. You can always email me at Actresswithstyle@hotmail.com if you every need someone to talk to!