Sunday, April 27, 2014

My first boyfriend

Thought I'd share a little story I wrote, because I don't want all of my blog to be sad, because life isn't sad. There is happy things all around, flowers, children, puppies, ice cream haha what ever it may be. There is always happy things around you just need to look around you and find them. I believe laughter really is the best medicine when I'm sad so hopefully you like my story :)
The story of my first boyfriend.

I still remember his name. Ben.
Man, was he hot stuff.
When he walked the playground, the ladies fell to his feet. Those blue eyes that matched the color of my favorite crayon, and that flippy hair…I swear that got him extra snacks at snack time. He was gorgeous.
Well, as gorgeous as a six year old could be.
We had never actually talked but I knew someday he was going be the father of my children. I use to spend all of math looking at his beautiful face, besides the fact that I hated math any way. I knew one day I would gain the confidence to talk to him or maybe if I stared at him enough he would talk to me. You see that’s what boys like, when you stare at the back of their heads for hours.
That special day was Valentine’s Day. I made sure to wear my best dress and made sure my power puff girl valentines were in tip-top shape. Today was the day I would confess my love to my future husband. I walked in to that 1rst grade classroom ready for change; I was going to get my man. After an enormous amount of sprinkle covered heart cookies, Mrs. Robertson said it was time to hand out our valentines. My stomach sunk to the floor and the butterflies in my stomach seemed like they were doing the Macarena. This was it. I decided I would give him his last. I went to every glue soaked and glitter filled box, carefully placing every power puff girl valentine in each box. I wanted to make sure to keep Ben’s separate; it was special unlike the other ones it said “I LOVE YOU THE MOST” and had a piece of chocolate on it. Boys like chocolate, so at least if he didn’t fall in love with me for my charming good looks he’d know I could be a good woman, with my birthday money, and bring home the bacon…or well the chocolate. After I came to the last box I wanted to act cool and dilly dattle for a little bit before going to Ben’s, a girl doesn’t want to seem too desperate. I decided to get some fruit punch then coyly make my way to his box, but soon the butterflies in my stomach seemed like they were on a trampoline, and I knew it was time to go. I dug into my box for the last very special valentine. All my fingers touched were air. It was gone. The color drained from my face. I felt like I was going to cry. This was the worse day ever. Worse than when I feel off my bike when learning to ride, worse than when Katy-Lynn drew all over my Barbies’ with her markers, worse than the day my dog ate all the eyes off of my stuffed animals, worse than the day I got stuck on the fairs wheel in the rain. This was six year old dooms day. This was my only chance and I blew it. Now Ben would never know my feelings for him, because Valentine’s Day is the only day you can really confess your love for somebody. I sulked back to my desk, defeated. Not knowing what else to do, I put my head down on my desk, closed my eyes and waited to die.
“Mary?” A voice said.
I opened my eyes startled by the sound and glanced up.
Sweet Jesus. It was him.
Like a thousand sunshine beams on my face, his smile gleamed before me. My mouth turned to mush, even if I wanted to speak, no words would come out. I was play dough in his hands.
Oh shoot, this was really life and I had Ben standing before me as I stared at him like a lunatic looking at a piece of meat. I had to say something. Something good.
That was good. Very thoughtful. But why was he here? Talking to me of all people?
“Umm..this is for you, from me.”
He nervously said handing me a piece of paper. It was a holographic picture of a sky diver, with a tattoo that on the bottom said “Will you be my Valentine?”
Oh. My. Goodness.
This was it the moment I was waiting for, the moment I could confess my love to Ben.
He knew, I knew he knew as he walked away from my desk smiling. We had to be dating now, I just knew it. Ben was my boyfriend. I imagined growing old together sitting by the fire with, little Ben and Mary Jr.
“Aren’t these valentines from Ben cool, Mary? I got the same one!” said my best friends Stephanie and Brooke.
That lying, cheating monster.
 Not only was he cheating on me, but with my best friends?!? I knew this relationship was not going to work out; I could never be with such a player. I dropped Ben like a wet animal cracker and made my way to new, better men.
That is the story of my first boyfriend.


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