Monday, April 21, 2014

Find Yourself

Sometimes what seems hardest is trying to find myself again. What I'm good at, who I am. 

When you have PTSD/ depression/ anxiety sometimes the hardest thing is just to get moving. It just wants you to sit there and feel bad for yourself, continue to be sad. Like a dark cover trying to keep you from the outside world. You have to push yourself to get up and doing anything, it's freaking hard, but when you do you feel better. It's like you've won a piece of your self back.

Below are some link of fun, free, uplifting things to do. If you try to do at least one thing a day for yourself you can feel the difference.

You can find yourself again.

56 things to do besides spend money:

7 ways to instantly get happier:

50 ways to take a break:

15 easy ways to beat anxiety:

59 awesome free things to do to feel amazingly alive:

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