Monday, December 1, 2014


This is hard to write, but maybe it will make me feel better to write it. A guy took advantage of me and kind of freaked me out. I met him online which probably isn't a good thing in the first place. He picked me up because we were supposed to watch a movie but was yelling at on the phone because he couldnt find where I lived, I started walking to be able to try to meet him somewhere, I was starting to tear up as he was yelling at me and being mean to me on the phone, but it was so cold outside, I just wanted to be somewhere warm and I was already afraid of him to say something so I got in his car with him. He took me to his apartment then after a while he started trying to hook up with me. I didn't want to but didn't say no, so I guess it's kinda my fault but he was yelling at me so it kind of scared me so I didn't want to make him angry, because I was so extremly sexually assaulted  I was trying to explain why he couldn't do certain things because I have PTSD which he did anyway and said he didn't want to know because he didn't want to think of another guy in where he was, I was terrified and couldn't speak looking up at him in horror and he was yelling at me to say yes or no, and telling me what to do. He kept asking me if I was clean and wouldn't believe me when I kept saying I,was, It made me feel dirty. I knew I wasn't going to get out of there till he finished and I was kind of scared of what he would do if I told him I wanted to stop or leave. When he was done he didn't want to bring me home, I did want to stay there any longer though. So he put me in a cab, Just can't sleep now. I know it's my fault but I was just scared.

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