Sunday, June 1, 2014

little girl eyes

Little Girl Eyes
Little girl eyes
so little and yet so big,
full of dreams
wanting to grow up a little too fast
They see the world too
Little girl eyes
paper thin models
perfect smiles on magazine covers
busty, tan celebrities on TV
They see everything
Little girl ears
yearning to learn
to listen
to understand
They hear the world too
Little girl ears
You're too fat to play with us
You have to wear this to be popular
You'll never get anywhere in life if you look like that
All the deafening critical words, the judgment
They hear everything
Little girl mouths
big smiles over little lips
laughter and singing
Want to tell stories and question the world
They speak to the world too
Little girl mouths
I hate my freckles
 I wish I was blonde
Why can't I look like her
Why can't I be beautiful
They speak everything
Little girl mouths
It is impossible to escape
It is all around them
so much
To see
To hear
To speak
Things must change
Because what's a little girl to do
Could anything really change?
In front of these
 Little girl eyes


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